• ATX

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I went to Austin at the beginning April for the Foodways Texas symposium. I had an amazing trip: ate a ton of BBQ, learned a lot, saw some old friends, and made some new ones. A couple of posts about sweets I ate on my trip have made it up on Serious Eats; check them out on my writing page.  

    The photo above is of Jodi Elliot's Coconut Cake. She's doing some really cool things at Foreign & Domestic. If you make it to F&D definitely save room for her desserts. I'm still thinking about the basil caramel topping on this dessert.

    More posts about Austin sweets are coming soon to Serious Eats. Stay tuned for some info on some new and exciting projects I'm working on!

  • Lady M for Serious Eats

    Serious Eats just posted my latest installment for their "Ask the Pastry Chef" series. I chatted with Ken Romaniszyn, the owner of Lady M Cake Boutique, about his favorite items available at the bakery. Lady M's desserts (like the Mille Crêpe pictured above) evoke the subtly sweet flavors often found in traditional Japanese desserts. Check out the full article here and try not to drool.

  • Foodways Texas Symposium

    I'm excited to be going to Foodways Texas' symposium this year! With a name like "Our Barbecue, Ourselves," you really can't lose. From the event description:

    "Our Barbecue, Ourselves, the 3rd Annual Foodways Texas symposium will explore the past, present, and potential of smoked meat in Texas and its intimate connections to Texas cultural history and identity. As we feast on plates from around the state, we’ll consider what we can learn from barbecue as both meal and process. What can both the meat and the dishes served alongside it tell us about our history? How have traditions and techniques from diverse heritages intersected to create today’s Texas barbecue? How is the way we consume barbecue and barbecue culture being affected by changing technologies and food ideologies? Join us in Austin, April 4-6, 2013, as we eat, think, and talk our way from pasture to pit to plate."

    I am going to eat so much BBQ, Tex Mex, chicken fried steak, and crawfish! And hopefully meet some fellow Texans and food writers. Will you be there?